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I am developing an application which is associated with a website. My application home screen contains login and register buttons. In user registration, all field values have to be stored in SQL Server.

Is it possible to connect to SQL Server from a mobile Android application? If so how?

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On your website, I would create services that expose just the information you will need in your Android application. Never pass SQL strings. As Robin said, that's a major security issue. Then just consume these services in your app.

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hi david...thanks for ur connect sql server how should i approach..for that u have any tutorials...?why becz i am newbe to android – Vijaya Apr 25 '11 at 4:55

That sounds like a security disaster waiting to happen. How are you going to prevent people doing unauthorised transactions against the database?

I don't know a single company that intentionally exposes their SQL database directly to the world, i.e. without forcing everything to go through a web interface.

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