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I have a big problem with 2nd level cache in NHibernate. Everything is allright(Cache is running well) untill I use

.SetResultTransformer(new DistinctRootEntityResultTransformer())

Example code:

using (var session = SessionFactory.OpenSession())
                Console.WriteLine("---> using query first time");
                var query = session
                    .CreateQuery("from Blog b where b.Author = :author")
                    .SetString("author", "Gabriel")
                    .SetResultTransformer(new DistinctRootEntityResultTransformer())
                var list = query.List<Blog>();


NHibernate.MappingException: Unknown entity class: System.Object[]
v NHibernate.Impl.SessionFactoryImpl.GetEntityPersister(Type theClass)
v NHibernate.Impl.SessionImpl.GetClassPersister(Type theClass)
v NHibernate.Impl.SessionImpl.GetEntityPersister(Object obj)
v NHibernate.Engine.ForeignKeys.IsTransient(String entityName, Object entity, Nullable`1 assumed, ISessionImplementor session)
v NHibernate.Engine.ForeignKeys.GetEntityIdentifierIfNotUnsaved(String entityName, Object entity, ISessionImplementor session)
v NHibernate.Type.ManyToOneType.Disassemble(Object value, ISessionImplementor session, Object owner)
v NHibernate.Cache.StandardQueryCache.Put(QueryKey key, ICacheAssembler[] returnTypes, IList result, ISessionImplementor session)
v NHibernate.Loader.Loader.PutResultInQueryCache(ISessionImplementor session, IType[] resultTypes, IQueryCache queryCache, QueryKey key, IList result)
v NHibernate.Loader.Loader.ListUsingQueryCache(ISessionImplementor session, QueryParameters queryParameters, ISet`1 querySpaces, IType[] resultTypes)
v NHibernate.Loader.Loader.List(ISessionImplementor session, QueryParameters queryParameters, ISet`1 querySpaces, IType[] resultTypes)
v NHibernate.Hql.Classic.QueryTranslator.List(ISessionImplementor session, QueryParameters queryParameters)
v NHibernate.Engine.Query.HQLQueryPlan.PerformList(QueryParameters queryParameters, ISessionImplementor session, IList results)
v NHibernate.Impl.SessionImpl.List(String query, QueryParameters queryParameters, IList results)
v NHibernate.Impl.SessionImpl.List<T>(String query, QueryParameters parameters)
v NHibernate.Impl.QueryImpl.List<T>()


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<hibernate-mapping xmlns="urn:nhibernate-mapping-2.2"
  <class name="Blog">
    <cache usage="read-write"/>
    <id name="Id">
      <generator class="hilo"/>
    <property name="Author"/>
    <property name="Name"/>
    <set name="Posts" cascade="all" lazy="true">
      <cache usage="read-write"/>
      <key column="BlogId"/>
      <one-to-many class="Post"/>

  <class name="Post">
    <cache usage="read-write"/>
    <id name="Id">
      <generator class="hilo"/>
    <property name="Title"/>
    <property name="Body"/>



 public class Blog
        public virtual int Id { get; set; }
        public virtual string Author { get; set; }
        public virtual string Name { get; set; }
        public virtual ISet<Post> Posts { get; set; }

        public Blog()
            Posts = new HashedSet<Post>();

 public class Post
        public virtual int Id { get; private set; }
        public virtual string Title { get; set; }
        public virtual string Body { get; set; }


<property name="cache.provider_class">NHibernate.Cache.HashtableCacheProvider</property>
<property name="cache.use_second_level_cache">true</property>
<property name="cache.use_query_cache" >true</property>

In summary: Cache and nhibernate running well until i use result transformer.

Where is the problem please?



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It's slow the first time you run it or every time after the session factory is created? Also why do you need distinct blogs? Every blog is unique so you have no reason to transform it... You only need to transform is you have a cartesian product. – Phill Apr 22 '11 at 12:14
what version of NH are you using? – Diego Mijelshon Apr 22 '11 at 14:03
I think Im experienced user of NH. I know that distinct on blogs is stupid but this code is only for example.Im using newest version of NH, but problem is also in older versions. Thanks. – Josef Holán Apr 22 '11 at 16:26

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