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i'm trying to insert an implode generated string to an array that then later be used for json implementation

the implode generated string is look like this

'id' => $this->_SqlResult[0],'UserId' => $this->_SqlResult[1],'Msg' => $this->_SqlResult[2],'MsgStamp' => $this->_SqlResult[3]

i would like to used it in this code

$this->_JsonArr[]=array($Generated string);

to achieve something like this

 $this->_JsonArr[]=array('id' => $this->_SqlResult[0],'UserId' => $this->_SqlResult[1],'Msg' => $this->_SqlResult[2],'MsgStamp' => $this->_SqlResult[3]);

instead i got something like this

 $this->_JsonArr[]=array(" 'id' => $this->_SqlResult[0],'UserId' => $this->_SqlResult[1],'Msg' => $this->_SqlResult[2],'MsgStamp' => $this->_SqlResult[3]");

seem like generated string is treated as one element as key and value pair. obviously i can get expected output from mysql because of this, can anybody help me with this

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Why do you need to implode anything? Just pass the array:

$this->_JsonArr[] = your-non-imploded-array-here;

I think a full solution to what you want to do is something like this (i.e., the third code box in your question):

$row = array(
  'id' => $this->_SqlResult[0],
  'UserId' => $this->_SqlResult[1],
  'Msg' => $this->_SqlResult[2],
  'MsgStamp' => $this->_SqlResult[3]
$this->_JsonArr[] = $row;
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I think (just wild guess) OP got confused when serving data in json (hence imploding the array into string). So, as addition @zul don't forget to echo json_encode($this->_JsonArr) to output the string with data. –  Elijan Sejic Apr 22 '11 at 12:06

$this->_JsonArr[]=array($Generated string);

Looks like you want use arrays keys and values, but as I see you put into array plain string with expectation that array parse your plain string in format: keys => values.

You can try create array like below:

$this->_JsonArr[ $Generated_key ] = array( $Generated_value );

(Please correct me if I wrong understand your question).

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