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I am working with a file that has numbers and letters in it. I managed to remove the letters with regexps, but when I try to output the file with just the numbers in using:

matchIt = File.open('numbers.txt', 'a') {|f| f.write(string[i]) }

they appear attached together like this:


When I run a ruby script from the terminal, I normally type:

ruby script.rb > numbers.txt

which would then format the numbers downward:






Can I do the same thing with ruby using the command I have above?

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Your regexp is probably dropping the newline character that is present on each of your input strings. Can you post the regexp that you are using? –  Marc Talbot Apr 22 '11 at 14:05

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If you're looking to print a new line for each number, just use f.puts instead of f.write.

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