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I have a database schema like that

DataMapper.setup :default, "sqlite://#{Dir.pwd}/image.db"
class Image
    include DataMapper::Resource

    property :id       , Serial
    property :url , String,unique: true
    property :desc    , String,unique: true,default: "empty"

Then i have a loop like this

links.each do |link|
  puts link
  if Image.all(:url=>link).empty? == true
    img=Image.create(:url => link)
    puts "Cannot save to database "if img.saved? == false

I want to add a link when it is not already in a database. I run the script and always get cannot save to dabase. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help. Edit: I add to my code$stdout, :debug)

and there was no insert queries only selects.

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You declared :desc property to be unique and set default value to "empty" and in your code example you're creating Image without specifying :desc which results in uniqueness validation failure, that's why your images aren't saved. You can either remove unique option from :desc property declaration or make sure to provide unique value for :desc when creating images.

Also, to make your code more verbose so you could see any validation errors try this:

links.each do |link|
  image = => link)

    puts "Image saved"
    puts "Failed to save image: #{image.errors.inspect}"

Please note that to use validation errors you need to require 'dm-validations' gem.

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Thank you for help now it works perfectly –  John Apr 23 '11 at 14:05
You can ask Datamapper to raise exceptions on error: Image.raise_on_save_failure = true –  Daniel Da Cunha Jan 11 '12 at 6:40

What do you mean you get "cannot save to database"?

You can try something like this and see if it works a bit better:

links.each do |link|
  if Image.first(:url => link)
    p "image exists"
    if Image.create(:url => link) 
      p "Image succesfully saved"
      p "could not save image"
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When my script finish the database is still empty. According to documentation "If the creation was successful, #create will return the newly created DataMapper::Resource. If it failed, it will return a new resource that is initialized with the given attributes and possible default values declared for that resource, but that’s not yet saved. To find out wether the creation was successful or not, you can call #saved? on the returned resource. It will return true if the resource was successfully persisted, or false otherwise." And there is why I check saved? because my database is still blank –  John Apr 22 '11 at 13:24

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