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I'm a beginner when it comes to libxml2, so here is my question: I'm working at a small XMPP client. I have a stream that I receive from the network, the received buffer is fed into my Parser class, chunk by chunk, as the data is received. I may receive incomplete fragments of XML data:

<stream><presence from='user1@dom

and at the next read from socket I should get the rest:

ain.com to='hatter@wonderland.lit/'/>

The parser should report an error in this case.

I'm only interested in elements having depth 0 and depth 1, like stream and presence in my example above. I need to parse this kind of stream and for each of this elements, depth 0 or 1, create a xmlNodePtr (I have classes representing stream, presence elements that take as input a xmlNodePtr). So this means I must be able to create an xmlNodePtr from only an start element like , because the associated end element( in this case) is received only when the communication is finished.

I would like to use a pull parser.

What are the best functions to use in this case ? xmlReaderForIO, XmlReaderForMemory etc ?

Thank you !

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You probably want a push parser using xmlCreatePushParserCtxt and xmlParseChunk. Even better would be to choose one of the existing open source C libraries for XMPP. For example, here is the code from libstrophe that does what you want already.

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If I use a push parser, how can I create xmlNodePtr objects ? – StackedUser Apr 27 '11 at 6:37
Check out that code from strophe. It does exactly what you want. You create callbacks for startElement, endElement, etc. – Joe Hildebrand Apr 27 '11 at 21:55

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