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Hi all
I'm trying to add new dependency to Play application, but it fails to resolve dependencies. I've added a line:

- org.fusesource.scalate -> scalate-core 1.4.1

Now when I'm trying to run 'play dependencies --verbose' I receive following:

    Server access Error: Network is unreachable: connect url=
    Server access Error: Network is unreachable: connect url=

This is because of a corporate proxy. I can't figure out how to configure Play (from output I assume it uses Ivy for Dependency management) to use proxy. Still python scripts like 'play install' work ok.

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Apparently ivy uses ant's setproxy which simply add some system options...
Can you try something like:

#> play deps YOUR_PROJECT_DIR -Dhttp.proxyHost=YOUR_PROXY -Dhttp.proxyPort=YOUR_PORT
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Thanks a lot. Works perfectly. – reen Sep 2 '11 at 7:49

My solution is:

play dependencies --sync --verbose -Dhttp.proxyHost=YOUR_PROXY
-Dhttp.proxyUser=YOUR_USERNAME -Dhttp.proxyPassword=YOUR_PASSWORD
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and if you use a proxy script instead, use the same solution as ProgrammerX, but just substitute the URL for the script:

set HTTP_PROXY=http://your-proxy-script-server/ProxyScript.pac
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Another simple way on windows is to simply set HTTP_PROXY in the environment properties or on the command like as so

set HTTP_PROXY=http://proxy server:port

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