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I need to display a java frame in the browser. As i'm also accessing a database as a part of the project, i needed to sign the applet. I compiled to create the class file, then created a jar file, created certificates and finally signed and verified the jar. I put the applet and archive tags in the html file and tried to run it in my browser.

I only get a black window of the size i defined in the applet tag. The contents of the fram are not shown. However i can see the frame properly when i run it through the command line.

The html file is as follows:

<title> Just another test </title>
<body bgcolor="gray">
<p align=center>
<applet code="manage.class" archive="manage.jar" width=500 height=300>

manage.jar is my signed file.

I'm normally able to run java applets in the browser using the applet tag which do not try to access the database (postgres) or any other local resources. I tried creating policy files to grant all security permissions but that didnt work while running applets in the browser. My jre is updated to v6 update 25.

I sincerely need help as i'm tired of searching the internet for the same keywords again and again. (Any alternate way of accessing local resources using java applets/frames will also do)

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The HTML is invalid. Check it using a validation service. "As i'm also accessing a database as a part of the project, i needed to sign the applet." There are lots of forms of 'accessing a DB' which can be done using a sand-boxed applet. What specifically does the applet do that requires trust? BTW - What does the Java console report? –  Andrew Thompson Apr 22 '11 at 16:28
"I need to display a java frame in the browser" By 'frame' do you mean a java.awt.Frame or javax.swing.JFrame? That will not work. You need a java.applet.Applet or (this millennium) a javax.swing.JApplet. –  Andrew Thompson Apr 22 '11 at 16:39
The applet needs to execute queries depending on the choices provided in the applet GUI. I have tried both Frame and JFrame, neither of them works. Java Console reports nothing, as i do not get an error or an exception. –  user720694 Apr 22 '11 at 21:19
Now I'm trying to use a servlet to run the query and return back the results to the applet. But when i try to open a connection to the servlet like e.g. URL url=new URL(" * from airports"); i get a Malformed URL exception thrown. I have tried running it in the browser and it works just fine (i.e. i get the desired result in the browser) –  user720694 Apr 22 '11 at 21:25
I generally don't have time to be asking things twice. But is the HTML now valid? (If so, edit your question to include the new HTML.) Which part of the applet requires trust? Remove any frames from the code, pop a JDialog or JOptionPane instead. The URL does appear malformed - it does not start with http:// and includes blank spaces. Post an SSCCE and a link where we can see the applet fail. –  Andrew Thompson Apr 23 '11 at 3:06

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