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I have a few files that have been executable before svn adding them. They have the svn:executable property set. Now, a few other files were checked in without the executable bit do not have it, and I want to set the svn:executable property:

$ svn propset svn:executable on *.cgi

Then I check the status and even the files with the svn:executable have been modified:

$ svn diff
Property changes on: a.cgi
Modified: svn:executable
   + *

Property changes on: b.cgi
Added: svn:executable
   + *

a.cgi should not be modified. I want to add the svn:executable bit to be set in the same way as it is on the other files, but can't figure out the command to do it.

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I open this page every time I don't want to type svn propset svn:executable on (...). And the answer to the question should be for f in *.cgi; do if [ ! -x $f ]; then svn ps (...); fi; done, and just commit the modified files. Then move on. –  Tomasz Gandor Nov 23 '13 at 5:32

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You are right to use the svn property editing commands. The property is svn:executable.

To add the "executable bit" in svn

svn propset svn:executable on <list of files>

To remove the "executable bit" in svn

svn propdel svn:executable <list of files>

the documentation can be located here.

As far as not modifying the executables, you are not modifying the executable (a checksum will verify that), but you are modifying the SVN repository. Remember that SVN revisions file systems, not just files; so, a modification of the permission bits will increase the SVN revision number, even if it's just a modification of a file's properties (and not a modification of the file itself).

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When I run svn propset in the way shown above, it sets them to "*" but the natural way sets svn:executable to nothing, but which is still set. I want this property to be the same as the ones whose executable bit was set before adding them to subversion. –  Jake Apr 22 '11 at 16:11
Sorry for all the edits, but if I recall correctly, having it set to anything will turn on the executable bit, deleting it (and possibly setting it to null or whitespace) will turn it off. To get the value your SVN client was using, a svn propget can be used. –  Edwin Buck Apr 22 '11 at 16:15

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