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I am writing an application that run only that user's phone. If the phone is stolen, application will never work anytime. For this scenario, I must used IMEI and SIM number but I develop application on SDK 60 2nd edition. So getting these numbers is not easy.

I used Bluetooth ID instead of IMEI, but I could not found any specific ID instead of SIM number. If any suggestion have been, I' d be glad. Thanks...

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There are some examples on how to accomplish this with the IMEI in different phone manufacturers:


Seems like there's no "universal" method for any of those. In S60 (I guess this is what you mean by 'SDK 60') the appropiate code is:


For IMSI I think you have to get the operators signing, but you could use:

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That is true for the 3rd ed but I develop for 2nd ed, and this properties does not work on it. –  Tuğba Apr 22 '11 at 20:14

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