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Several times I used the pimple idiom to get a short compilation time. To get a "good" header file I return a pointer of a vector that contains pointer of QPoint (an Qt-object).

Lets have a look at my header file:

#ifndef CHEXAGON_H
#define CHEXAGON_H

class QPoint;
class QVector;

class CHexagon
    CHexagon(const unsigned int & PosX, const unsigned int & PosY, const unsigned int & Radius);
    QVector * getEdges();
    QPoint * getCenter();
    class Pimple;
    Pimple * pPimple;

#endif // CHEXAGON_H

Whats wrong with it?

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QVector isn't a class, it is a class template and can't be declared as you did.

template <typename T> QVector;

and then using QVector<QPoint*> should do what you want.

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What makes you think that something is wrong with it?

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