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I'm building my first Rest API which serialize data to json and xml formats. I would like to provide an index page to API clients, where they would be able to choose implemented endpoints. I would like to see some online REST API's to understand what is the common way to do it.

Does any of you know any Rest API which has this kind of implementation?

Any help is appreciated.

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Here's a good one for starting.

Main lists: http://www.thomas-bayer.com/sqlrest/

GET example of CUSTOMER list: http://www.thomas-bayer.com/sqlrest/CUSTOMER/

GET example of a CUSTOMER entity: http://www.thomas-bayer.com/sqlrest/CUSTOMER/3/

and so on...

you can do POST, DELETE etc if you want(read the first link for all the details). For these, I really recommend Poster add-on from Firefox.

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Kudos to them for this quote: "It's quite self-explanatory, the first link is all you need to navigate without further knowledge of the service." –  ladenedge Apr 22 '11 at 17:23

Here's a very good example:


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+1 - the Sun Cloud API is a wonderful example of Getting It Right. –  ladenedge Apr 22 '11 at 17:22

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