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I want to schedule an SSRS subscription to save directly to a SharePoint document library and I can't. I get the error "Failure writing file \server\path\report.pdf: Access to the path '\server\path\report.pdf' is denied.

Here are the facts:
- I get a different error if I use the user/pass combo for the subscription, so I know my user/pass is correct
- I can save to all other shared file areas I have tried
- I can log into the SSRS server and map to the SP UNC path and write documents to it
- unlike other mappings I've done on the SSRS server, the SP directory does not stay mapped, even though I have clicked 'reconnect at login'
- SSRS Server is Win 2008; SP is 2008 (I think)
- we have turned on WEBDAV and installed Desktop Experience
- SP integrated mode is not an option

Any ideas or nudges in a general direction are greatly appreciated!

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If installing SSRS in SharePoint integrated mode is not an option, then you will need to write custom code.

Set the SSRS subscription to write out to a local path on the SQL server, and then set a recurring scheduled task to run your custom .exe.

The custom .exe should copy the contents of a local directory to a given SharePoint document library. The .net SharePoint objects make this pretty easy: you'll probably spend more time getting the project set up than writing code to copy the files.

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Hi try configuring the centeral admin first http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb326213.aspx

then follow the following post to configure delivery to sharepoint library


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Thanks, Ashutosh, but integrated mode is not an option. Any other ideas? –  JHFB Apr 25 '11 at 12:56

I got it to work by

  • Enabling WEBDAV
  • Turning Desktop Experience mode on
  • Mapping the Http file connect path that sharepoint gives to as a drive

For some reason when i did that it gave me the ability to write directly to the sharepoint folder on the server. \sharepoint-server\sites\path\shared documents\

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