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I have the folowing class and controller (mvc)

UI Model inherits DB model (ef4.0)

public class RegistrationModel : Model.User
        public string PasswordText { get; set; }

MVC controller

    public ActionResult Create(RegistrationModel registrationModel)
                    Context ctx = new Context();
                    Model.User user = new Model.User();
                    user = (registrationModel as Model.User);
                    user.Password = System.Text.ASCIIEncoding.ASCII.GetBytes(registrationModel.PasswordText); //do encryption later on
                    ctx.Customer.Add(registrationModel as Model.User);

when i cast the registrationmodel to a user the type remains registrationmodel is there a way to cast it, without copying all its properties to a new user object?

                Model.User user = new Model.User();
                user.Active = registrationModel.Active;
                user.Blocked = registrationModel.Blocked;


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How about using AutoMapper. Brilliant for automatically mapping data from models to view models and so on.

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correct. I had the same issue. it seems that all types of casting (document in MSDN here: does not seem to work in MVC controllers.

for instance:

// implicit casting
Model.User user = registrationModelInstance // won't case to base
// explicit casting
Model.User user = (Model.User)registrationModelInstance // won't case to base

i ended up using AutoMapper (similar to User-Defined conversion per MSDN). should look like that:

Mapper.CreateMap<RegistrationModel, Model.User>();
Mapper.Map<RegistrationModel, Model.User>(registrationModelInstance);
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