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I tried writing the (what I found to be) immensely useful splitOn from Haskell in Racket (Scheme). I ended up with what follows, and it doesn't quite work. By which I mean, it just runs and eats up my memory. take-until and drop-until both work, so what am I doing wrong exactly in split-on?

(define (split-on lst pred)
  (cons (take-until lst pred) (split-on (drop-until lst pred) pred)))

(define (take-until lst pred)
  (take lst (- (length lst)
               (if (memf pred lst)
                   (length (memf pred lst))

(define (drop-until lst pred)
  (drop lst (length (take-until lst pred))))
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Figured it out. I wasn't dropping the delimiting character, making it loop forever.

(define (split-on lst pred)
  (cons (take-until lst pred) (if (not (null? (drop-until lst pred)))
                                  (split-on (cdr (drop-until lst pred)) pred)
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Note that your code has a bunch of inefficiencies, like taking the length of the list multiple times, using the same memf call twice, etc. Also, this code could be better if Racket had things like drop-until etc in racket/list. (This is planned to happen "soon"...) –  Eli Barzilay Apr 22 '11 at 19:04
Yeah, I know the code is ugly, lots of repeated calls. I'm working on fixing it now, I just had to get the logic down first. –  Andy Apr 22 '11 at 19:06

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