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I have a unit test that opens up a custom dialog and enters some text. This works, but I am unable to accept the dialog or get hold of the ok button. Please can anyone tell me how to automate the dialog acceptance using junit.

    ActivityMonitor activityMonitor = instrumentation.addMonitor(
            EditItem.class.getName(), null, false);

    instrumentation.invokeContextMenuAction(gridList, R.id.add, 0);

    Activity activity = instrumentation.waitForMonitorWithTimeout(
            activityMonitor, 10);
    assertNotNull("Make sure the edit item activity was called", activity);
    assertEquals("Make sure the edit item activity was called",
            EditItem.class, activity.getClass());

    final TextView nameView = (TextView) activity.findViewById(R.id.name);

            // this opens the dialog
    TouchUtils.clickView(this, nameView);

            // this adds some text
    for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++)

            // here I would like to accept the ok button on the dialog

OK I seem to have worked round this with a combination of key presses


The problem is now I can't tell when the dialog has finished being dismissed and returned to the parent Activity to continue the test with a


Go a work around for this too now:


Seems a bit clunky, is this how you are supposed to use these tools?

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I wonder if you found a good way to solve your problem (basically, getting hold of a dialog object within a ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2), because I'm facing the same problem :) –  Guillaume Nov 3 '11 at 13:22

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I'm having the same problem. What it looks like is that you will have to create a custom dialog. This will allow you to retrieve the buttons you added using the findViewById(). Here is a link that I found that might get you on the right path.


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