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I know there are node.js libraries for Redis; what I'd like to do is run a Redis server (either on localhost or on a server host somewhere) and call it directly via HTTP (i.e. AJAX or HTTP GET as needed) from JavaScript running inside a browser (i.e. a Greasemonkey or Chrome Extension script, or maybe a bookmarklet or SCRIPT tag). Does Redis have a native REST or HTTP API?

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I'm considering asking this question again, but stipulating we want a 'real' as in realtime redis-client -- not HTTP anything -- operating in the browser. Could build a great realtime 'infrastructure' with just CDN serving assets constituting the client webapp communicating with Redis directly. I want to cut out the unnecessary WebSocket server aspect of the system. All the control logic can be internalised to redis cluster in Lua. – Wylie Кулик יהושע Oct 20 '15 at 15:07
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You can't connect directly to Redis from JavaScript running in a browser because Redis does not speak HTTP. What you can do is put webdis in front of Redis, it makes it possible work with a Redis instance over a HTTP interface.

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