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i want to show comments and allow users to add new comments on a facebook photo

for example

can i add ? i tried but couldn't get this to work

<fb:comments href=""></fb:comments>

but i can't see the existing comments.

how can i fix this ?

Thanks a lot

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As I understand it, fb:comments is for external urls and specific content not in Facebook, i.e, a post, photo, or any other content on your site. On the other hand you could use the graph api to achieve your goal. will retrieve all the comments for the photo in question. You should also be able to POST to that url to add a comment. You will need to add an access_token for either of these cases.

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hello thanks for you answer, i tried this but there is a problem for example lets try to take this request we will notice that the first comment has (1 likes) if i tried to get the person who liked this using this request i will get an empty array, i'm not sure if this is a known bug in facebook api but couldn't find a solution for that – ra.htial Apr 23 '11 at 9:22

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