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Currently I use wp_get_archives to return the year.

I then call it again with the monthly arg to display the months.

It displays similarly to this, though I am not sure it will work when we are in a different year:


April 2011(1)

March 2011(12)

I want a display like this

2012(when we reach it)






Where the number in brackets is the months post count.

Obviously this means stripping out the year from the monthly archives. Is this possible? I'd rather not modify core wp functions and do this within the theme, I would also rather not rely on a plugin.

Thank you!

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While maybe not the best way to do it, give this a try

$string = wp_get_archives('type=monthly&limit=20&echo=0');
$pattern = ' ((19|20)\d{2}(</a>))';
echo preg_replace($pattern, '\\3', $string);
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An incredible and elegant solution. Thank you so much for your time! – robertmegone Apr 22 '11 at 23:47

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