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I'm trying to animate some stuff with R. So i got a PNG which i can animate, but i want to put a circle around the PNG and animate the two as one.

I know one can do it with a set like:

this.ship = paper.set();
this.ship.push(, 116, 20).attr("fill", "#ff0"),
    paper.image("assets/img/ship.png", 100, 100, 32, 32)

and then:

this.ship[i].animate ...

...but thats anoying cause of the differences in the attribs of the both elements.

Does someone has a hint what would be a good way to start with? Thanks!

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In my understanding a paper.set is able to handle animations like


otherwise you shouldn't use paper.set in this case. i suggest to use animateWith


var img = paper.image(...);
var circle =;

img.animate({...}, 2000);
circle.animateWith(img, {...}, 2000);
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