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I'm unable to create a new servlet because I cannot assign it a project.

Also the browse buttons do not work, at all, as in they silently fail

Am I missing something basic? I've been able to create, build, and run simple projects, just can't manage to add a servlet.

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Simply create a new class and make it extend HttpServlet, and map it in web.xml

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This happens if none of your projects were created as "Dynamic Web Project". For example if you did :

New --> Maven Project --> maven-archetype-webapp --> etc.

To correct this either create a project via:

New --> Dynamic Web Project

or right-click your existing project and do:

Properties --> Project Facets --> Convert to facet form...

TickDynamic Web Module(verifying the version) then clickOK

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So, Eclipse goes mad again? Try to restart Eclipse with -clean argument. If in vain, try to delete (and backup) the entire .metadata folder of the associated workspace and restart Eclipse. If still in vain, try to remove all third party plugins which you've added to Eclipse afterwards and restart.

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