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I have this data annotation in my class

 [Required(ErrorMessage = "Introduce a number!")]
 [RegularExpression("[0-9]+", ErrorMessage = "Only numbers allowed")]
   public int number { get; set; }

The first data annotation works great but the second one doesn't work, if I introduce a letter or something that is not a number, it shows me the default message...any ideas?

It shows the value 'foo' is not valid for number

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Give this a try: [RegularExpression(@"^\d+$", ErrorMessage = "Only numbers allowed")]

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Nope it shows me the default The value 'j' is not valid for number =( – bb2 Apr 23 '11 at 0:36

by any change are you using jquery 1.5? iirc the unobtrusive validation is broken for that version if you are using the unobtrusive validation that comes with a new mvc project. IIRC I use the same expression as the poster about and it works for me.

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First it try to convert to int since the datatype is int and therefore u see default message. If u use datatype string then ur regex will work.

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