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I'm writing a Swing application in which I want to change the look and feel defaults before setting the look and feel. It seems that I can do it by calling put method of UIManager, and this will add 'developer defaults' which will be picked with priority over the look and feel or system defaults. Please tell me if I'm wrong till now..

Now, searching for how to use the UIManager and what are the string keys, I faced this note: "keys are intentionally not exposed as they may (and do) change between LAFs and from Java version to Java version" (http://www.duncanjauncey.com/java/ui/)

Is this true??!! Are the 'keys' different? Does this mean that it may be a risk if I use UIManager to change fonts and colors and sizes, and my system will look differently on other machines?? (May it also produce errors??) Or, is it just that the default 'values' are different?

For example, is it a risk if I do like this:

Font menuFont = new FontUIResource("Serif", Font.BOLD, 13);

If so... is there a better solution? I don't wish to have to change every single component's font and color and ...

It seems like there is no such thing as 'developer defaults'!!! :))



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Why not create a custom PLAF, and specify everything? BTW - I don't really understand the problem. Use layouts, and let the JRE decide how big the final GUI should be. –  Andrew Thompson Apr 23 '11 at 2:54
It's my first time dealing with the LAF.. Ok, I searched for how to create a custom PLAF and didn't find a good answer. I thought I should extend BasicLookAndFeel, but I don't see methods that seem to help my problem if I override them.. So, could you please give me more hints? I also don't know what you mean by 'using layouts' and 'how big the GUI should be', I'm not really concerned with size of components, I mainly wish to change the appearance of texts (default font, text color, and text size), although, for some components I also want to change the default component color. Thanks! –  samaneh Apr 24 '11 at 22:03

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