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I'm trying to install s-xml (I'm heading towards s-xml-rpc) on clisp 2.49 on os x. I think I've got asdf install correctly. I can run:


so I guess that bits installed ok. But when I run:

(asdf-install:install :s-xml)

this happens

Install where?
1) System-wide install: 
   System in /usr/local/asdf-install/site-systems/
   Files in /usr/local/asdf-install/site/ 
2) Personal installation: 
   System in /Users/mattyw/.asdf-install-dir/systems/
   Files in /Users/mattyw/.asdf-install-dir/site/ 
0) Abort installation.
 --> 1
;;; ASDF-INSTALL: Downloading 25612 bytes from to /Users/mattyw/asdf-install-0.asdf-install-tmp ...
;;; ASDF-INSTALL: Downloading 186 bytes from to /Users/mattyw/asdf-install-1.asdf-install-tmp ...
;;; ASDF-INSTALL: Installing /Users/mattyw/asdf-install-0.asdf-install-tmp in /usr/local/asdf-install/site/, /usr/local/asdf-install/site-systems/
x s-xml/
x s-xml/ChangeLog
x s-xml/doc/
x s-xml/doc/index.html
x s-xml/doc/S-XML.html
x s-xml/doc/style.css
x s-xml/Makefile
x s-xml/s-xml.asd
x s-xml/src/
x s-xml/src/dom.lisp
x s-xml/src/lxml-dom.lisp
x s-xml/src/package.lisp
x s-xml/src/sxml-dom.lisp
x s-xml/src/xml-struct-dom.lisp
x s-xml/src/xml.lisp
x s-xml/test/
x s-xml/test/all-tests.lisp
x s-xml/test/ant-build-file.xml
x s-xml/test/counter.lisp
x s-xml/test/echo.lisp
x s-xml/test/plist.xml
x s-xml/test/remove-markup.lisp
x s-xml/test/simple.xml
x s-xml/test/test-lxml-dom.lisp
x s-xml/test/test-sxml-dom.lisp
x s-xml/test/test-xml-struct-dom.lisp
x s-xml/test/test-xml.lisp
x s-xml/test/tracer.lisp
x s-xml/test/xhtml-page.xml

*** - Component "s-xml" not found
The following restarts are available:
RETRY          :R1      Retry installation
ABORT          :R2      Abort main loop

What does it mean by component s-xml not found. It seems to suggest it hasn't actually installed anything. I've tried doing asdf-install:install via a http link and a downloaded tar zip and I always seem to end up in this state. Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong?

I've also tried doing the Personal Installation (option 2) and I can see that the files get downloaded. But the outcome is the same.

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Yours is not a problem with ASDF. It's a problem with ASDF-install.

ASDF-install is not maintained anymore. Alternatives include quicklisp and clbuild. I'd recommend quicklisp to get started fast.

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Thanks for the pointer. I was able to install the vecto package from the example but s-xml and s-xml-rpc still seem to be silently doing nothing: [8]> (ql:quickload "s-xml-rpc") To load "s-xml-rpc": Load 1 ASDF system: s-xml-rpc ; Loading "s-xml-rpc" ("s-xml-rpc") [9]> (require 's-xml-rpc) *** - LOAD: A file with name S-XML-RPC does not exist The following restarts are available: ABORT :R1 Abort main loop – MattyW Apr 23 '11 at 17:58

It is possible that your ASDF:*CENTRAL-REGISTRY* variable is not set properly, so that ASDF is not checking the directories into which you have installed the s-xml library. It actually looks like ASDF-INSTALL is functioning correctly, but not in such a way that ASDF can then find the installed systems. What's in that variable? Or are you using Faré's new ASDF configuration facility? If so, are the directories /usr/local/asdf-install/site-systems/ and /Users/mattyw/.asdf-install-dir/systems/ in your asdf search path? Finally, have you looked in those directories and verified that the files have actually shown up there?

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