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In Excel 2010, I have an Addin that is called from the Ribbon XML file from the main workbook.

How do I reference the workbook (I really need its path) that called the Addin from within the Addin?

For Example, I can use ThisWorkbook to reference the workbook with the code in it (in this case the Addin). Is there anything similar to reference the calling workbook?

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If you know it's the Active workbook, which would be true if the user clicked a button, then you can use:


You may have to store it in a workbook variable earlier if other workbooks become active before you're doing the processing in question.

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The problem is that the Activeworkbook is the Addin, not the calling workbook. –  Lance Roberts Apr 23 '11 at 1:11
Even immediately after the button on the ribbon is clicked? Clearly, when it's clicked the workbook itself is active. Maybe you could give a little more detail about what happens between the ribbon control being pressed (or whatever) and the code in question. –  Doug Glancy Apr 23 '11 at 4:26
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Two possibilities I can think of....

1.From the main add-in pass

ThisWorkbook.Name and/or ThisWorkbook.Path


2.Identify the Window/Class Name from API see Get Window Handle

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