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The following gives me an Access Violation on windows 32-bit, dmd.2.052, no flags. When the destructor is run by the garbage collector, the message box seems to be corrupted in the process.

import std.stdio;
import core.thread;
import core.memory;
import std.concurrency;

class C
    string m_str;
    Tid m_receiverTid;
    this(string s, Tid rt) { this.m_str = s; this.m_receiverTid = rt; }
    ~this() {   writeln("Destructor : ",this.m_str);

void receiver() {
        try {
            while(true) {
                receive((string s){writeln("Received: ",s);});
        } catch (Throwable th) {
            writeln("Caught throwable: ",th.toString());

void main() {
    Tid receiverTid = spawn(&receiver);

    receiverTid.send("Basic test");
    Thread.sleep( 5_000_000 );

    C c1 = new C("c1 Manually deleted",receiverTid);
    delete c1;
    Thread.sleep( 5_000_000 );

        C c2 = new C("c2 Garbage collected",receiverTid);
    writeln("Running garbage collector..."); // This line needed to flush out the c2 root pointer.
    Thread.sleep( 5_000_000 );

    writeln("Exiting main thread...");

The above produces:

Received: Basic test
Destructor : c1 Manually deleted
Received: c1 Manually deleted
Running garbage collector...
Destructor : c2 Garbage collected
Received: c2 Garbage collected
Caught throwable: object.Error: Access Violation
Exiting main thread...

Are there any workarounds for this?
Is there a way for destructor code to know if it is being invoked by the GC or not?
Is message passing from a destructor intrinsically unsafe, e.g. if non-GC threads are frozen by the GC whilst they have a mutex lock on a shared message box then the GC might deadlock if it sends to a locked message box? Or does destructor code only take place in a sweep cycle after all threads are thawed?
Is it safe for a destructor to reference thread local storage, e.g. could the GC sweep cycle be in a different thread?

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I see two issues here that may be related. First, referencing subobjects from a destructor called by the GC is not allowed.

Furthermore, the order in which the garbage collector calls destructors for unreference objects is not specified. This means that when the garbage collector calls a destructor for an object of a class that has members that are references to garbage collected objects, those references may no longer be valid. This means that destructors cannot reference sub objects.

Second, as you mention, destructor calls do only take place in the sweep cycle after all threads are resumed. They may be called from a different thread than the one that owned the object when it was alive. There are proposals on the table to fix this, but so far none have been implemented.

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