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I wish to 'steal' a div of a web site and embed it on my site (without using iframe). Can anyone tell me what is the exact way to do that? Thanks.

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Is the site on the same domain? – Peter Olson Apr 23 '11 at 2:12
I mean site on the different domain. – INeedCodes Apr 23 '11 at 2:15
You'll have to use serverside technology, as JavaScript can't send requests across domains. Google XSS. – Blender Apr 23 '11 at 2:19

As an addition to @jini's answer, you could make that script into a file, gate.php, and load things using only jQuery:

$('#container').load('gateway.php?url=foo.com #target_div');

And a possible gateway.php:

print file_get_contents($_GET['url']);    

Just make sure to sanitize your input!

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Pretty Simple:

You can use file_get_contents() or http://simplehtmldom.sourceforge.net/manual.htm to get the page as all the HTML and then get the DIV using javascript or Jquery.

An example would be:

$homepage = file_get_contents('http://www.somesite.com/');

Then you can parse the $homepage variable.


What I would do is:


$html = file_get_html('http://www.google.com/');
$ret = $html->find('div[id=foo]'); 
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you can use yahoo yql with data scraping, exactly made for these purpose.


you can use Xpath


select * from html where url="http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s={ticker_sym}" and xpath='//div[@id="yfi_headlines"]/div[2]/ul/li/a'
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Yahoo pipes is a good place to start using the 'fetch page' module. After that it'a a case of rubbing or changing out the html that you don't want with the regex module.

Embedding can be done in two ways:

  1. using the pipes callback feature to run javascript inside the page that swaps the part of the pages static / original content to that provided by the pipe.

2.Yahoo pipes have a module that will POST data (in JSON format) to a suitable input processing page that will store the information for inclusion in any page that requires the data.

A brilliant (and wholly legal) example of this action can be seen over at http://bishop.comxa.com

Ask nicely they may even give you some pointers.

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