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In my rails app I have the following models:

Messages (id, title, content, project_id)
MessageViews (id, message_id, view_status)
Permissions (id, user_id, project_id)
Projects (id, name)

Whenever a user is added to a project which existing messages, I want to create a MessageView record for every message in the project.

Likewise, if a user's project permission is deleted, I want to delete all the user's messageViews associated to that project's messages.

In my permissions model, so far I have:

  before_destroy :check_message_views


  def check_message_views

How in check_message_views can I determine if a record is being created/update or deleted.

When created/updated, I want to loop through and check
When deleted, I want to loop through all the project's messages and delete any messageView for that user.


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Actually, in Permissions, should I use a :has_many => MessageViews through Messages, Dependent destory? Not sure if that would create them though just delete? – ColdTree Apr 23 '11 at 2:25

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Shouldn't your MessageView model belong to a Permission? Then you could set :dependent=>:destroy and everything should work automatically.

Otherwise you can use the destroyed? method.

I don't think there's any sort of equivalent created? method but you could put your code in an after_create callback in your Permissions model. There's an after_destroy callback for that matter as well if you want to be consistent.

Another sort of hacky way around it is to check if the model's created_at time is the same as it's updated_at time. If so then it's been created but hasn't been updated yet.

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