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I am looking for a good gem/plugin to convert user-uploaded audio files to different formats. One format in particular that I am interested in is converting to Apple .caf with ima4 compression for inclusion in an iPhone app.

I have been using afconvert on my mac for this so far, but I need to do it on my linux box, server-side. Ideally, I would be able to work into paperclip.

As an additional solution, ffmpeg could work, but I have not seen any .caf options for it. Anybody know of one?

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The Sound eXchange project supports lots of audio file conversions. I've used this in the past to convert aiff files output by the OS X "say" program to ulaw files for Asterisk. This yields rather nice text-to-speech. For my purposes, I was I also found a Ruby extension on github called sox-ruby that wraps the libsox functions directly.

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