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I want to develop a Java EE application with a rich user interface which uses Ajax heavily. I know that I can use Ajax frameworks like jQuery and Dojo to achieve this. I have worked previously on Java EE with Struts (1.x) and Hibernate.

But recently I found that Struts 2 has inbuilt Ajax support. Is it worth it to use Struts 2? I am not familiar with Struts 2. Should I go with Struts 1 or 2? If I use Struts 2 will I have to use jQuery also or does Struts 2 have custom tags that support Ajax?

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Struts 2. You will have to use jquery (not only helper tags).

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Use Struts 2, Struts 1 is extremely antiquated. Struts 2 is considerably different from Struts 1 though, so your knowledge of Struts 1 probably won't transfer much (except for general purpose understanding of the servlet request / response life cycle, etc). There's a Struts 2 JQuery plugin that you can use for Ajax. Don't use the Dojo ajax support, it's deprecated.

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Next to Struts 2, you should maybe consider JSF 2. This is a very good web framework that has great build-in support for Ajax as well.

There are lots of component libraries that are a good showoff of how AJAX can be used in JSF, e.g. see the PrimeFaces Showcase.

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You should use GWT. Seriosly. Struts is good, but nothing beats GWT if your goal is Ajax.

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i guess gwt is very heavy, i want pages to be loaded quickly – akshayxyz Apr 23 '11 at 5:38

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