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I have this query which is not returning any rows. But there are records which are greater than 25-JUN-90 date. Why is it not working?

{SELECT employee_id, last_name,hire_date
   FROM employees WHERE hire_date > TO_DATE('25-JUN-90','dd-mon-yy');}
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You want to use the RR date format mask to change 90 to 1990:

SELECT employee_id, last_name,hire_date
FROM employees WHERE hire_date > TO_DATE('25-JUN-90','dd-mon-RR');
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This looks like the answer –  Narayan Apr 24 '11 at 6:37

Which century does it translate '90' to? 1990 or 2090?

See Oracle Dates and Times for one description of Oracle date format characters. As Jeffrey Kemp's answer suggests, for the time being (the next 30 years or so), you can get '1990' from '90' using the format letters 'RR'. However, it would be better to use 4-digit years; the lessons of Y2K have been forgotten already, it seems.

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I got what you mean, what I need in 1990 but I get the user input like 90, how can I solve the problem? –  need_the_buzz Apr 23 '11 at 5:29
@need_the_buzz: looking at Jeffrey Kemp's answer, it appears that you need to use 'RR' - and you should give him an up vote if you've not already done so. –  Jonathan Leffler Apr 23 '11 at 15:13

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