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CSS Spriting can really help performance, but it's not the easiest thing to read and maintain. Are there any tools that would let me code the images individually but aggregate them up and replace the HTML with the correct subset of the montage?

I'm specifically thinking a Ruby on Rails plugin, but if there's a package for another language, I'd be happy to port it.

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I haven't tried it, but image_bundle appears to be what you want:


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Try it.

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"Step 1 - code the site as you would regularly. Step 5 - Check to make sure your design still works. Chances are, it won't." Where's the time-saving part? –  Mark Hurd Feb 23 '09 at 2:37
I like it, but I'm not quite sold yet. It's a good answer. I'm awaiting others before awarding "best." –  James A. Rosen Feb 23 '09 at 19:16
I just looked through the instructions... Shit! It would take way less time to do it manually! –  Sasha Chedygov Jun 22 '09 at 7:06
As of today (23/07/2010), theis url is not working... –  Daniel Ribeiro Jul 23 '10 at 18:53
Seems to have moved to csssprites.org –  agxs Sep 20 '11 at 14:44

This one seems promising http://github.com/sblackstone/auto_sprite

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image_bundle is only for RMagick. I am trying to port it over to imagescience.

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Please use the "comment" feature to reply to others, instead of making a new answer. Welcome to Stack Overflow! –  Sasha Chedygov Jun 22 '09 at 7:05

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