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I've created a little helper application using Python and GTK. I've never used GTK before. As per the comment on http://www.pygtk.org/ I used the PyGObject interface.

Now I would like to add spell checking to my Gtk.TextBuffer.

I found a library called GtkSpell and an associated python-gtkspell in the package manager, but when I try to import it it fails with "ImportError: cannot import name TextView from gtk", I presume this means it is using PyGtk instead of PyGObject.

Is there someway to get this working with PyGObject? Or some other premade GTK spellcheck system I can use instead?

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I wrote one, yesterday because I had the same problem, so it's a bit alpha but it works fine. You could get the source from: https://github.com/koehlma/pygtkspellcheck. It requires pyenchant and I only test it with Python 3 on Archlinux. If something doesn't work feel free to fill out a bug report on Github.

You have to install it with python3 setup.py install. It consists of two packages, gtkspellcheck which does the spellchecking and pylocale which provides human readable internationalized names for language Codes like de_DE or en_US.

Because there is no documentation yet, an example:

# -*- coding:utf-8 -*-

import locale

from gtkspellcheck import SpellChecker, languages, language_exists
from gi.repository import Gtk as gtk

for code, name in languages:
    print('code: %5s, language: %s' % (code, name))

window = gtk.Window.new(gtk.WindowType(0))
view = gtk.TextView.new()
if language_exists(locale.getdefaultlocale()[0]):
    spellchecker = SpellChecker(view, locale.getdefaultlocale()[0])
    spellchecker = SpellChecker(view)
window.set_default_size(600, 400)
window.connect('delete-event', lambda widget, event: gtk.main_quit)
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Sweet. So it worked with py2.7 out of the box. I took the gtkspellcheck imports and the if else and dropped it into my program. Though setup.py I get an error about locale.db not found, but if I copy the gtkspellcheck and locale directories inside my program it's all good. Also when switching record I reload the buffer text by replacing the gtk.TextBuffer (not sure why I do that), so I had to create the spellchecker after the replacement and call recheck_all. Still, end to end including problems, 10 minutes tops to integrate this, thank you so much. – tolomea Apr 8 '12 at 7:34
GtkSpell really sucks and this library is great so I backported it to PyGtk and added several things: github.com/koehlma/pygtkspellcheck/issues/2 – Havok Apr 10 '12 at 9:12

I'm afraid that the PyGObject interface is new enough that GtkSpell hasn't been updated to use it yet. As far as I know there is no other premade GTK spell checker.

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