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my problem is with appending a array into existing div as a text. I cant figure it out why its not working, so i have this code:

var raya = ui.item.value + ' ';  
var tor = $("#result").text();

Above code is working, the value of raya (which is string) is appended correctly into #result
Problem comes here, the value of array1 is not appended to #result2 and ideas why its not working?

var array1 = new Array();
array1 = tor.split( " " );
array1 = $.unique(array1);
return false;

(just to mention that everything is holded in 1 function, this cant be the reason, but just to know)

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BTW you don't have to initialize arra1 with an empty array. You could even write e.g.: var new_tor = $.unique(tor.split(' ')).join(' '); –  Felix Kling Apr 23 '11 at 8:03

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you can do something like this to explicitly convert array to string.


Here's a working example


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Just a note : array1 + '' works because JS is trying to concatenate '' with the array thereby calling .toString() automatically –  JohnP Apr 23 '11 at 8:09

That's because append expects a string and you're sending it an array.

Two ways to solve it. Use either .toString() or .join()

$('#result2').append(array1.toString()); //inserts a comma separated list
$('#result2').append(array1.join(' '));  //inserts a string separated by what you pass as param
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