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I have a SelectList in my MVC2 model.

In the case that there's only 1 item in the SelectList I want this one item automatically selected (in my view I add an additional item).

My problem is that I can't get this single item to be selected.

So the class behind my model has

if (Clients.Count() == 1)
     Clients.First().Selected = true;

But immediately after stepping through this line, if I add a watch to Clients I can see that Selected = null.

In addition, on my View I have

<%:Html.DropDownListFor(c => c.Client, Model.Clients, "-- Select Client --") %>

When the page loads -- Select Client -- is always selected.

Can anyone explain how I can get the model to correctly mark the item as being selected?

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Your view model must have a property Model.Client and it would appear (from the code above) that you're not setting that value?

Perhaps in the controller action:

Model.Client = Clients.First();

It's the Model.Client property you need to set though, not the SelectList options.

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In my controller I have var jobsWithClients = new JobsWithClients(); jobsWithClients.Client = clientRepository.GetClient(2); return View(jobsWithClients); But that still doesn't mark the one-and-only Client as selected. –  awj Apr 23 '11 at 9:33
is jobsWithClients.Client a complex type or just a string/int? The model value for a dropdownlist has always (for me) been used as the selected value. Could you post your full controller action (GET) and elaborate on the type of jobsWithClients.Client data type please? –  Terry_Brown Apr 23 '11 at 12:53

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