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This is F# code as close as I can write to find the min value of an array:

let temp = 0
let getArrayMinValue (a : Array) = 
    if a.Length > 0 then (
                            for i = 0 to a.Length do
                               let temp =  ( if temp > a.[i] then a.[i] else temp )  in ()                       

I have two questions: First, a.[i] has compiling error: The field, constructor or member 'Item' is not defined.

Second, the in () is requried, otherwise, there is compiling error "Block following this let is unfinished. Expect an expression". I do not quite understand this part.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Can't you use Array.min to find the minimum element, something like below:

let numbers =[|1..10|]

printfn "%A"  (numbers |> Array.min)

Coming to you program, you have to use something like:

let getArrayMinValue (a : int[]) = 

and not a: Array You can even do a: 'T[] but since you are comparig the value of the elements against temp it will probably constraint it to int.

Coming to the other error, make temp mutable: let mutable temp = 0 and assign value using <- operator. Here is your whole code:

let mutable temp = 0

let getArrayMinValue (a : 'T[]) = 
   if a.Length > 0 then (
                        for i = 0 to a.Length do
                           temp <-  ( if temp > a.[i] then a.[i] else temp )
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