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What's the best website for learning HTML Semantically?
What are some good websites for learning HTML?

i want to learn HTML from basics as i'm noob regarding this, i want a complete detail tutorial of this, i search it in w3school.com but didn't get any detailed information, i'm going to start a project regarding this, so please refer me a detailed and complete tutorial from basics.

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to me w3schools is a good tutorial. You will be give adequate information on each and every concept.. if you need further details you then go ahead and google for that tag. –  Anji Apr 23 '11 at 9:30
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You can buy a book and follow these samples

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First off, look at the Related section on the right-bottom side of this page

A few more links





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http://www.html.net/tutorials/html/ seems quite a good starting point for beginners. Good luck!

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try this Basic HTML Tutorial

and this is the best Ken Ward's Html Tutorial

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