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I want to Make a Script which give result realtime .

In My Script it have 3 steps .

1st step was to grab all links from a webpage .(i use pregmatch_all function coz all links i need are started with same domain http://example.com/docs/* and grab from http://test.com/page/* )

2nd step i have to grab direct link from all links (like htp://files.example.com/files/* from http://example.com/docs/* )

3rd step Upload that file to and third party site and get the upload link from there .

lastly i added a function named which get the page ranges (like '1|5' ) so script upload all links from http://test.com/page/1/ to http://test.com/page/5/ .

I have done the scipt it was alo running ok but it shows result after all completed but i want a realtime result like script have grabed one link and do all steps with it and show that reult link on browser and then so on i mean a realtime solution .

How can i do that i used for loop but no real time result .

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I really can't understand the question –  fingerman Apr 23 '11 at 11:11

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Flush() would help you.

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use ajax. (run script in background and poll for current state)



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Reading up on output buffering, output flushing and related topics is definitely a good idea if you are serious about PHP web development.

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