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How can I capture a mouse click outside of a panel in an Windows Form application?

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The answer is in your question, set the panel's Capture property to true. All mouse input events are now directed to the panel, even if the mouse is outside of the panel window. This is however a temporary conditions (as it should be), a button click is going to cancel the capture after the click is delivered to the panel. The MouseCaptureChanged event lets you know when that happened. Unconditionally capturing the mouse is not an option, typing Ctrl+Esc for example will always cancel it.

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To capture global mouse and keyboard events you need to capture the windows messages WM_MOUSE_LL and WM_KEYBOARD_LL, not just WM_MOUSE and WM_KEYBOARD. These events can only be captured in NT/2000/XP. In later OS versions this is not possible (for fairly obvious security reasons I assume).

If you are using NT/2000/XP here is some example code:


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You can handle the MouseClick event of the form itself.

class YourForm : Form
    protected override void OnMouseClick(MouseEventArgs e)

        // Do something.
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