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i have account and also created facebook account another two users have also facebook account by and per each. and account holder pressed like button of the fan page owned by holder.

now as a fan page [] but not as others, I like to post some message,attachment [to the wall of
the selected users + users who liked fan page]
among all of the users.

now I select only user.

the code is given below: I accepted manage_pages,offline_access,publish_stream permission.

$page_access_token = "";
$result = $facebook->api("/me/accounts");
foreach($result["data"] as $page) {
    if($page["id"] == $page_id) {
        $page_access_token = $page["access_token"];
$data["access_token"] = $page_access_token;
$data["message"] = "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa";
$data["name"] = "ttttttttttttt";
$data["caption"] = "cccccccccccccc";
$data["link"] = "";
$data["description"] = "aaaaaaaasdfsfsdf";
$data["picture"] = "";

$post_id = $facebook->api("/$page_id/feed", "post", $data);

but the above code post the message,attachment to the wall of all users who liked the fan page,but I only write post to the specific users.

how can I achieve? or is there any possiblity to pass the target users id only?

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I'm not entirely sure i understood your problem.

Your code posts a post to the fan-page wall - not to the "wall of all users who liked the fan page".

As a fan page, you can not write to a user's wall, even if he is a fan of your fan-page.

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