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I am using the JMonkey Engine to create a 3D bounding box and then I'm trying to use smaller boxes to flood fill the bounding box. Unfortunately I can't find a 3D flood fill algorithm.

Does anyone know of a 3d flood fill algorithm or have any pseudo code or examples of this being done in any language?

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I don't think you will find something like that. Floodfill is somewhat bound to pixel based graphics, and that doesn't go along well with OpenGl / 3d.

If you have some kind of pixel concept for 3d, I think adapting a 2d algorithm shouldn't be rocket science. I just doubt anyone found it useful so far.

Perhaps something like octrees is worth further reading?

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octrees, sound interesting. And thank you for the info –  Darragh169 Apr 23 '11 at 16:22

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