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I've got CouchDB installed on my linux cloud server and I'm trying to access the "Futon Welcome Screen". The O'Reilly book says to go to "", but I'm not working on localhost, it is my remote server, so I should be able to use "xxx.xxx.xxx.x:portnum" (my remote address) to access Futon right? This is not working, do I need a virtual host or something? Thanks.

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Go to your local.ini file. (probably in /etc/couchdb) and set bind_address to either (ie. respond to all IP addresses) or specify another IP address that you're either using in your LAN (private) or over the internet. (public)

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I'd suggest turning off Admin Party, especially if one goes with the bind address. –  Matt Passell Apr 23 '11 at 19:12

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