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we know PageMethod is static. so i tried to access a label for changing text but could not do just due to PageMethod static in nature. so i wish to show data through gridivew and need the common operation like sorting paging inline update add/delete then how can i accomplish it by pagemethod. i want to use pagemethod because it is faster. so guide me please in detail.tahnks.

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What you want is not easily accomplished using PageMethods due to the fact that they are static and have no access to the page's control collection. I have used Custom Callback Control with great success for asynchronously paging and sorting GridView. Please have a look at this article: CallBack Custom Control

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then just tell me what the use of PageMethod? –  Thomas Apr 24 '11 at 19:09
Page methods are great if you're willing to spend time developing and maintaining javascript part of client/server interactions. Or you could use them for calling void methods. I have both, PageMethods with defined success callbacks and callback server controls on my web pages. their use is highly situational, but i choose callback control every time i have to rebind a gridview or any other data control on each callback to show updated data, for everything else i use pagemethods. –  Dimitri Apr 24 '11 at 22:53

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