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i want to change function variable at each step in a for loop in matlab. i take these steps: i created my mfile function

function [jfun,fun]=air(x,vt,ty,tz,p2,y0)


and then i used newtonSys command:

x=newtonSys(myfun,[15 5],0.000001,0.000001,500,1)

and matlab answer: Error in ==> Untitled18 at 7 x=newtonSys(myfun,[15 5],0.000001,0.000001,500,1) i guess that its because of wrong use of function handle and for my function i have to use another command or i have to use another method for solving 2nonlinear equation.

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First, you haven't displayed the entire error. MATLAB should tell you what the actual error is, so unless you tell us that, we won't know what's wrong.

Secondly I don't see newtonSys in my system, or in the online MATLAB documentation. So most likely it is an external program, which most people here might not be familiar with. The closest I found from a quick Google search was this, which is an implementation of Newton's method for approximating the root of a non-linear system of n-equations. Are you using the same file? If so, if you look at the comments, it says that you need to pass the function as a string. So you'd have to pass myfun as 'myfun'.

If not, could you edit your question and add the contents of the function that you're using? Without these, it's near impossible to answer your question.

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