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I'm using Sinatra and OmniAuth, trying to authenticate using Facebook. Everything seems to be working properly except for the nickname property. My auth hash is returning something for the nickname, but it is not the person's nickname. For what I'm trying to do, getting the person's nickname is very important. And I already checked my Facebook page to make sure that I have a nickname set, and I do. It should be returning "HeroicEric".

get '/auth/:name/callback' do
  auth = request.env["omniauth.auth"]
  user = User.first_or_create({ :uid => auth["uid"]}, { 
    :uid => auth["uid"], 
    :username => auth["user_info"]["nickname"],
    :name => auth["user_info"]["name"],
    :email => auth["user_info"]["email"]

  session[:user_id] = user.id
  redirect '/user/' + user.id.to_s

The hash that is being returned looks like this:

  "name"=>"Eric Kelly", 
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The code extracting data from facebook OAuth answer is in oa-oauth-0.2.3/lib/omniauth/strategies/facebook.rb

  def user_info
      'nickname' => user_data["link"].split('/').last,
      'email' => (user_data["email"] if user_data["email"]),
      'first_name' => user_data["first_name"],
      'last_name' => user_data["last_name"],
      'name' => "#{user_data['first_name']} #{user_data['last_name']}",
      'image' => "http://graph.facebook.com/#{user_data['id']}/picture?type=square",
      'urls' => {
        'Facebook' => user_data["link"],
        'Website' => user_data["website"],

As you see, nickname is just a rigth part of URL. I suggest fixing facebook adapter to get an actual nickname. Facebook returns user_data filled with

{ ... "name"=>"John", "first_name"=>"John", "last_name"=>"Smith",
"link"=>"http://www.facebook.com/ujifgc", "username"=>"ujifgc", ... }

So, the username field is what you want.

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This sounds like a good approach. The same issue was found for rstat.us. We now look for a username that contains profile.php and display a HAML template for the user to enter a new username. – Caley Woods May 4 '11 at 16:14
This issue has been fixed with OmniAuth. – HeroicEric Jun 11 '11 at 19:55

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