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I'm trying to extract the integer and decimal parts of a floating point value, and I seem to be running into some strange rounding problems, due probably to the imprecise way floats are stored.

I have some code like this to extract the fractional part:

double number = 2.01;
int frac = int(floor(number * 100)) % 100;

However the result here instead of 1 comes out as 0. This seems to be because the original double actually gets stored as:


However running sprintf seems to get such a conversion correct:

char num_string[99];

How is sprintf getting the correct answer while the above method does not?

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> However the result here instead of 1 comes out as one.

What do you mean?


Or, more like 2.00999...

As you've noted:

int frac = int(floor(number * 100)) % 100;

will be:

int frac = int(floor(2.00999... * 100)) % 100;
         = int(floor(200.999...)) % 100;
         = int(floor(200.999...)) % 100;
         = int(200) % 100;
         = 200 % 100;
         = 0;

You may be interested in this.

Also, see modf from math.h:

double modf(double x, double *intptr) /* Breaks x into fractional and integer parts. */

modf() is a better alternative than doing the juggling yourself.

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Thanks for pointing out my errors, I really should avoid writing such questions late at night. –  Tristan Havelick Feb 23 '09 at 6:03
Were you able to fix it? –  dirkgently Feb 23 '09 at 6:11

I agree with dirkgently on using modf from math.h. But if you must do the juggling yourself, try this code. This should work around the problem you see.

int round(double a) {
    if (a > 0)
        return int(a + 0.5);
        return int(a - 0.5);

int main()
    double number = 2.01;
    int frac = round((number - ((int)number)) * 100);
    printf("%d", frac);
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The standard does not define _tmain(). –  dirkgently Feb 23 '09 at 6:10
agreed. edited the submission. –  m-sharp Feb 23 '09 at 6:45

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