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I am trying to create an simple link hider to hide external links.

I was thinking about creating a controller named Links:

class links < ApplicationController
  def index
    redirect_to :(My link column)

And my database should be something like this:

ID       link

Example if I visit links/index/1 i would be redirected to

How do I redirect to the link that in the link column?

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Assuming your Link model doesn't do anything out of the ordinary, you can do something like this...


def index
  redirect_to Link.find(params[:id]).link
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I will approve your answer – Rails beginner Apr 23 '11 at 19:52
Do you now how to set all links that are been redirected to rel nofollow in the robots.txt? – Rails beginner Apr 23 '11 at 19:55

When you visit links/index/1 you are actually calling the show action (usually) or any other action that you specified such a route for.

What you could is, in your corresponding action,
you could make a redirect call to the content in the link column for that id (1 in your route params).
If you need help with a code sample, let me know. I think its pretty easy to understand the way I said.

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