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when trying to run rake db:seed on my app, i get the error Database command 'count' failed: {"assertion"=>"unauthorized db:app_development lock type:-1 client:", "assertionCode"=>10057, "errmsg"=>"db assertion failure", "ok"=>0.0}

i get the same error with db:drop

my app is connecting to the DB fine, its just these rake taks are failing, and im not sure why. i dont think seeding should need admin privileges. maybe a passenger issue?

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Does your mongoDB require username and password when connecting? Also: are you using mongoid or mongomapper (or other)? – Jesse Wolgamott Apr 24 '11 at 1:44
i am using mongoid, and yes i have a user setup for my database. the app is accessing the database fine with those credentials, but do the mongoid rake tasks need admin access? and if so, how can i grant that? – brewster Apr 24 '11 at 6:04

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You need to have the username and password set in mongoid.yml for rake tasks to be able to connect to your database.


  host: host-name
  port: 27017
  username: itsmeyo
  password: supasecret
  database: project_production

You can also have them set in environment variables, but they need to be set.

password: <%= ENV['MONGOID_PASSWORD'] %>
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