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I have a development computer and a testing (http://testing/) server set up on my home LAN. I need to be able to set up the same file directory structure on the testing computer as is on my hosted account. I am using the /testing/ computer to stage development prior to making it public.

I am using Dreamweaver 8 as my dev platform and I am having a hard time reconciling the local vs. testing vs. remote server environments to allow for the same addressing of images, files, etc. on both the testing and remote (hosted) machines. If I use the "../dir/sub-dir/filename.php" it works only on the testing server (LAN), whereas when I use the "/dir/sub-dir/filename.php" it only works on the remote (hosted) machine.

I need to configure XAMPP to allow the testing machine to utilize the same addressing structure as the remote (hosted) machine does.

Any ideas? (Please don't tell me to dump Dreamweaver).

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Matteo, Dreamweaver is fine.

Just go into the Apache config in your XAMPP install and set DOCROOT to the root of your test application and restart Apache.

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That solved it. I was even able to set it up as domain.test. Thanks for the assist! –  Matteo May 3 '11 at 16:20

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