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I have a simple demo app like this

Friend = Backbone.Model.extend 
Friends = Backbone.Collection.extend
    initialize: (models,options)->
AppView = Backbone.View.extend
    el: $("body")
    initialize: ->
        this.friends = new Friends(null,view:this)
        "click #add-friend": "showPrompt"
    showPrompt: ->
            friend_name = prompt("who is your friend?")
            friend_model = new Friend(name:friend_name)
    addFriendLi : (model) ->
        console.debug this.friends  #returns undefined
        if model.get("name")?
            item = $("<li>"+model.get("name")+"</li>")
appview = new AppView

This works normal for the most part except that inside addFriendLi this.friends returns undefined. Meaning this is not bound to the current model instance. But I followed the instructions and called _.bindAll(this,"addFriendLi"). I don't understand why that doesn't work.

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I fixed this issue by moving the bindAll above the collection constructor like this

    this.friends = new Friends(null,view:this)
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From what i can see the following should do the trick


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